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DAT Yoga And Fitness Graham

Hello, my name is Graham and I am excited for you to start your journey with me into D.A.T. Yoga and Fitness.

I have a degree in Sport Science and Psychology and a Diploma in Health Fitness and Exercise. I have my Level 2 Gym Instuctor and Outdoor Exercise. In May 2017 I embarked to India to study Yoga and enrolled on a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

I have devised my own philosophy on exercise and well being which I want to share with others, and you, in case you are feeling left out. 

I love being active. I love hill walking, going to the gym, long walks and weightlifting. Since the age of 12 I took part in martial arts. In employment I am also a labourer. Save to say I am an active person and along the way I picked up injuries. 

I partook in mixed martial arts and boxing, fun as it was, it can grind on the body. The daily slog of laborious employment or being at a desk all day can also take its toll on the body. I was unfortunate to herniate two discs in my lower back when I was 15. Ever since then I suffered back pain. I struggled for years. Pins and needles throughout the body, stiff neck, stooped posture or even an exaggerated straight posture.

For years I stopped going to martial art training. It did not work. I felt terrible. Then I thought, perhaps I need to move more. Then I started weight lifting. No, I did not crawl out of bed and became a elite bodybuilder or power lifter. Tell the truth, I did not know what I was doing at the time, but it worked slightly. I went back to training. Yes, I was in pain and still somewhat stiff. When you know how to weight lift properly, it is great for building that strength back up and correcting posture. 

Cut a long story short I became interested in how the body works, gained all the qualifications above. It really helped my understanding. Then about 5 years ago (29 now) I discovered yoga. It was by chance, a gym I attended had a class, I knew next to little about it. Only ever heard other people mention it. Some ancient art that I could never comprehend. I thought ‘ why not’.

I took the class. I felt traumatised. Not because it was a terrible class or poorly taught, quite the opposite. My body and mind went through what could only be described as that poor astronaut in 2001: A Space Odyssey, when he enters the star gate. Never seen it? Do. The lights are shooting past his face really fast and hes all like , ahhhhh whats going on.

After that class my body felt different. I was more flexible, mobile and stronger. Squat went up 20kg. All my injuries and tightness reacted to the movements (asanas) and I felt it for days afterwards. Through practicing yoga my core has strengthened, I am more flexible than I have ever been and I have so much energy. Most importantly, I feel human and when I practice regularly, my injuries and tightness are kept at bay. Sometimes, I can be very lazy and watch Netflix, my back gets tight and I’m like – screw it and eat more ice cream and Doritos.